The 39th Annual MAYFEST may be a September-Fest


Originally founded in 1950 as the Skidrow Alcoholic Center,  recenter® is proud to celebrate its 70  years of service, helping our fellow Houstonians suffering with the challenges of chemical dependency – one day at a time.

Because of the space required to construct the Dailey building, Mayfest may become September-fest this year.  We are working to find a nearby location.  Check back for updated information.

1016 Alabama St.

Houston, TX. 77004

Main: 713-524-3682


Speaker Meetings, Door Prizes, Lunch, Entertainment, Raffle Prizes plus a whole lot of Fellowship and Fun !!!!


Raffle Prizes: (2) 32″ TV & (1) $100.00 Walmart Gift Card




Schedule of Events

8:00 am Opening Remarks                                                              1:15 pm Speaker: Paul N. – 19 Months

8:15 am Speaker: Blaine D. – 16Yrs.                                                  2:15 pm Speaker: Robert H. –  16 Yrs.

9:15 am Speaker: Louis S. – 12Yrs.                                                     3:15 pm Speaker: Ree E. – 6 Months

10:15 am Speaker: Steve B. – 2 ½ Yrs.                                              4:15 pm Speaker:  Danny P. –  10 Yrs.

11:15 AM Speaker: Nathan G. – 3 Yrs.                                               5:00 pm Closing Remarks/Raffle

12:00 LUNCH – Mr. Pete’s Po-Boys


Financial Literacy Workshop

Financial Literacy Workshop

Join us at the Financial Literacy Workshop

Are you…

an impulsive spender?

– confused about financial amends & credit repair?

– worried about retirement?

What: Two-hour workshop on getting your finances in order.

Where: recenter Campus Corner at 1016 Alabama Street

When: Scheduled for 2nd quarter 2019


Presentation brought to us by Wells Fargo

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